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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Little Stitching

I have received a couple of questions regarding my pop then in and out frames. I picked out a frame which I thought would work with all the LHN monthly designs and then the framer makes a frame. The picture below is the back. I just have to move the little hinges and the back comes off and I can put in all the different months. You have to keep a measurement of the inside of the frame so when you stretch the design so that it always fits. I have 3 of these kinds of frames. This one, one for the BBD anniversary designs and the monthly designs by PS. I love them and it certainly saves alot of framing money.
I finished the last of the LHN monthly designs. I love the red house.
This cute couple is almost finished. I think they will look lovely as a pillow.

I want to thank everyone who left me a comment or an email after my accident. Both Cheryl and I were overwhelmed and grateful for all the support that you gave us. Cheryl has a mild whiplash. Her doctor gave her exercises to do and some pain pills. She's feeling much better. I look like a giraffe with all the really large bruises. I have some aches but they are relieved with Bengay. Funny thing is Cheryl doesn't have even one bruise. We still feel very fortunate to have walked away with almost problems. Sammi is doing fine.as well. I thought that she might afraid to go in a car again but she was in the car the next day. What a dog! My car was totalled and I will be receiving the settlement check very soon. So now, I will be looking for a new car. Hope to have one by the end of the week end.
Until next time Happy Stitching

Friday, October 22, 2010

We Are Feeling Very Lucky!

Thursday started out as a beautiful day in Ma. Cheryl and I decided to do some shopping and have lunch. We had a great time shopping and the best lunch. On our way home we were on a 3 lane highway and it started to rain. We progressed and then the skies just opened up and it poured. This is not usually a problem.I was in the middle lane and I hit a very large puddle ( is seemed more like a lake) and lost control of the car. Now, I do not throw the word miracle around lightly but I believe that we experienced one. The car completed two circles as we headed for the side of the road. We hit the guard rail and bounced off of it and hit it again and landed pointing out into the first lane. The miracle (I believe ) is that the road had heavy traffic and I hit no one and no one hit us. Thank God. The two pictures are of my wonderful car, who I believe is totaled. I loved this car and will hate not to have her any longer. I already miss the heated seats. Cheryl and I are very sore and really bruised but we are okay. You can see Cheryl taking pictures of the car. Again, we are both so thankful. She took me today to clean out the car and to the rental place, so I could rent something until I find a new car. Sammi was in the back seat and she seems to have weathered the accident pretty well. She was very scared and shaky for a while. She did have her first ride in a State Troopers patrol car. LOL. He took us to a safer place so that we could wait for Cheryl's husband to get us.

On to the stitchy stuff. This is the December LHN monthly design. I really love this last two. I think that November is my fav of the whole series.
I will get these stretched so that They will be ready for the perspective months.

I finished this one while on vacation. I love the over one little tree.

I put this one in a black frame. You can almost tell that the fabric is a lovely green color. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving such great comments. I do have questions to answer and I will. Thanks for the patience. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hobby Lobby and In Stitches

I have been on vacation for the last 11 days. We went to South Carolina to visit my Dad and Step-Mom. Had a good visit with alot of family, ate wonderful food and did alittle shopping. Georgianne (SM) took me to Hobby Lobby. We in MA don't have Hobby Lobby but I sure wish we did. I LOVED the place. The picture shows all the great stuff I bought. Alot of ribbons and trims, paper mache boxes and some wooden framey things to attach my stitching to. So much fun stuff!
After we left South Carolina, we headed for Virginia. First we stopped in Fredericksburg
and I visited a stitching store and came away with nothing. Then we moved along to Alexandria where I visited In Stitches. What a wonderful store with a lot of great stuff. As you can see I bought afew things to enhance my stash. Lovely pieces of LSL, a hornbook design with the hornbook, LK Boo Sampler, SB Halloween kit, RTR Halloween kit and because I can't resist scissors, the new cat snipes. It was a really nice experience except for the torrential rain. I really wanted to take a picture of the front of the store. It was beautiful, all decked out for fall.

I didn't do alot of stitching on vacation. I did start this Thanksgiving design. I am going to love this piece. After we left Virginia we headed up to Staten Island, New York to visit Joanne's family. Her family is Italian. Talk about great food. Ate to much and loved every bite. We shopped there to but it was for Italian pastry and cookies and bread. What can I say, some of my favorite things. They have a store just for cookies, it was amazing. Over 100 kinds of cookies. Should have taken some pictures.

We got home Sunday evening and this was waiting for me. I jumped right in and will try to finish it tomorrow. Cleaning and doing laundry got in my way today. I just love these monthly designs by LHN.

I am going to miss my stitching group tomorrow because I am going into Boston with one of my dearest friends, Kathy. She is a breast cancer survivor. Two years ago a lump was found during her mammogram. She asked that I go with her for all her appointments because of our friendship and because I am a nurse. I took notes and asked questions and tried to be supportive. She ended up having a lumpectomy because of other issues. I went to a number of her chemo treatments. Kathy was wonderfully brave during the whole process. So tomorrow, she will have an appointment for a mammogram, see her oncologist and her surgeon. I know it will all go well. Then we are going to lunch and do alittle shopping to celebrate her 2 year anniversary free of cancer. Tomorrow is a great day.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I love all the comments that you leave. I am trying to catch up on all of your blogs. I must say that I did miss reading and blogging last week. Until next time- Happy Stitching!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I won Donna's Blogoversary giveaway over at her blog Needleworker not in Paradise! I was overwhelmed by her generosity. I received 5 designs. Three of them came with fabric and floss. My fav is a Most Noble Pursuit and it came with a beautiful piece of 36 ct. LSL. I hope to start this one soon. Thanks Donna!
This is my current WIP. It's Scarlet's Christmas Sampler. I have loved working on this piece. The colors are nice and it's a quick stitch. I just have to do the over one stitching, which are the words and a potted tree. I really enjoy doing over one stitching.

Spent alittle time visiting my sewing machine and Cheryl today. We went out to lunch and did some errands but did find some time to get this pillow done. I am love with the pom-poms. What do you think?
Let me answer some questions from my last post. I was asked about how quickly I finished my projects. I have always been very fast. Stitching is my therapy and I must try to stitch everyday. I usually stitch just at night. If I have some time during the day, I will do some but life usually gets in the way.
I want to thank every one for the kind comments on the decorations. I was asked about some of the figurines. They are Jim Shore and Williraye's. I have collected both for years. I appreciate and love all the comments that you leave. Til next time--Happy Stitching

Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Wonderful Things

This is Quaker Boo by the Sampler Girl. It came in my first batch of stash, which I forgot to get a photo of. So many great things, so little time... The color of the fabric doesn't photograph well. The color is an olivey green color, which goes very well with the suggested fibers. The main color is a dark green not black. I just love this piece. I haven't decided how to finish it yet. It's about 4"x6". Any ideas?
I received this wonderful giveaway from Andrea at Deep Fried Cupcakes! Isn't it wonderful!?

I thought that I would show (bore) you afew more of the Halloween decorations. There is stitching in all of them. This is alittle shelf in the kitchen.
This is at the end of the kitchen table. I also quilt alittle and made the table runner last year.

One of my favs.
I need to thank everyone for the kind comments and emails regarding Sammi. Everyone was so sweet to think about my baby. She is doing remarkably well since the addition of the medication. Almost no coughing and much perkier. We will be going back into Boston tomorrow for her cardiac tests but I am sure that she will be fine.

Please check out Nataly's Needle Creations because she is having a wonderful Pink Giveaway!

I was picked by Edgar to be in his PIF and now I will be hosting one of my own. Sometime in the next 365 days , I will send a stitched and finished item to 3 recipients. I will choose 3 people who leave a comment on this post. ( anyone can comment but please state that you want to be in the PIF in the comment) In return, you must host a PIF for 3 other stitchers. I hope that I haven't confused the heck of you all. Until next time--Happy Stitching.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Favorites

My Halloween tree. It's alittle sparse but I will do some more ornies next year.
The next few pictures are some of my favorite pieces that I hang for the spooky season. First is Midnight Watch by BBD.

Jenny Bean Halloween by SP.

Someone help me here because I can't remember who designed this wonderful piece. I did it a couple of years ago.

This is my progress on Sarah Street by LHN. I tried fixing the picture but just managed to turn all the rest so I left it as is.

I had the bonus piece stretched and popped it into the frame that I am using for all of the anniversary houses.

Sammi who is going on 17 years old had developed a cough, which could have been caused by tracheal collapse or heart disease. It was getting pretty bad. My local vet said that nothing could be done for her because of her age. So off to Angell Vet Hospital in Boston. They are a teaching hospital that treats all animals. They have all the same departments as a people hospital. It's wonderful place. They did x-rays, blood and urine. She was examined by the cardiologist who felt that it is probably congestive heart failure and she has been started on a course of medication to get rid of the fluid around her heart. She will have a heart ultrasound next week. It's remarkable the change in her in just 24 hours. The coughing is much better. Of course, she needs to go out more but we can handle that.

Thanks for all the kind well wishes for my baby. I appreciated them.
I will post again very soon. I was chosen by Edgar for a PIF and I will be asking 3 others to join my PIF. So if anyone is interested, I will post the rules on my next post. Until then --Happy Stitching!

Friday, October 1, 2010

And The Winners Are....

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful response to my giveaway. It was truly amazing to me. I have enjoyed reading all of your comments. Your kind responses about my blog mean a great deal to me. I am sorry that Iam posting so late but I have spent most of the day at Angell Animal Hospital with my sweet dog, Sammi. She is okay for the present but will need a few heart tests next week. Now, on to the giveaway. The first winner is DonnaTN ( no blog) who I believe was one of my first followers and the second winner is Melissa of My Life in Stitches. Melissa has a wonderful blog. You should check it out. Please email with your addresses, so that I get your stuff out to you. Congratulations to both of you.