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Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Have Missed You All!

This has been the busiest holiday season. Something had to give and I am afraid it was my blog. Things are slowing down and I will pay more attention. I do love reading all of your blogs and writing mine and I have missed doing both. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was perfect. I did receive some stitchy items which I will share next time. I did some stitching this past month. I stitched Bear Tree Forest by LHN.
I used 32 ct V examplar by LSL and the suggested fibers. Below is a close up of the frame. I love this molding and have used it a couple of times. It's very woodsy.
Up next is my last finish of 2012! It's JM Gardner 1888 by WTNandT. I loved this piece. The colors are perfect for my family room. It worked up quickly and every stitch made me happy.
She will look much better the next time you see her. I plan on taking her to my framer this week. I used 32 ct v. light examplar linen by LSL and the suggested fibers. I started January by PS today. I still have 3 more months left to do in this series. Hopefully they can be finished in 2013.
I will end with a picture of Stella. How cute is she? Digging in the dirt with her nose. She needs to learn to use her paws.
I received this picture as a mouse pad from Santa. Yes, I need a mouse pad. My computer is on a wicker desk that has glass on the top and the mouse doesn't work on glass. So, I get to look at Stella whenever I am on the computer. I want to wish everyone A Happy New Year. Be safe. I will be home with Joanne and Stella eating Chinese food. Chinese food is a tradition that my husband and I started 39 years ago. It continues on. Until next time ...... Happy Stitching! Deborah

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Win, A RAK and Some Ornaments.

It's been weeks since I last did a post. The time has been jam packed. Thanksgiving was wonderful with family, friends and great food. The house is finally decorated. It took longer because I had to see what Stella would tolerate. I finally got into this century. I bought an Iphone and fell in love with it. Since I took that step, I thought that I would dive into Facebook. I know you are all ahead of me but I am slow with change. I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments. They mean the world to me. I received the nicest RAK from Angela at the craft room blog. She has a wonderful blog and you all should check her out.
Isn't this the prettiest ornie!? The back is just lovely, as well. It is hung high on the cross stitch tree out of Stella's reach. The card was made by her and is stunning! Thanks again, Andrea. I just love it.
Catherine and the Strawberry Sampler had a Pink giveaway for breast cancer awareness. I won this beautiful design and the floss to do it. I said if I won the any part of the giveaway I would give it to my friend, Kathy. She is coming up to her 5 year anniversary. She was thrilled to have the design and is currently working on it. Thanks Catherine and the Strawberry Sampler for having a wonderful giveaway.
The first 2 will be pillows and the rest will be ornaments. Hopefully, Cheryl and I will find some time next week to finish all of these and start making Christmas cookies. We have the best time baking and doing crafts for the holiday. Before I close, I want to wish my friends, Ellen and Nataly a great Chanukah. Until next time ..... Happy Stitching! Deborah