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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pretty in Pink!

Another really busy week. Took a cooking class on Saturday. It was really good. Soups and stews. Perfect. Took Stella for her first Dr.s appointment and to puppy socialization. Will be taking her for more puppy play dates. I managed to get some stitching in. Did some Valentine pieces.
The first piece is Endless Hearts by Threadwork Primitives. I used my favorite pink fabric called Autumn Blush. I had a large piece of 28 ct. so I used it (even though I prefer a smaller count ) and the floss is CC wild berries and english ivy. I will be making it into a pillow. You can click on any of the pictures for a larger view. On the same piece of fabric using the wild berries floss I did Be Mine by the Sisterhood. I have more room, so I think that I will do the other design called Valentine.
When I get finished with the Valentine pieces, I will be going back to Autumn and then onto Winter by BBD. I really love this piece and have enjoyed every stitch.
Continuing with the pink theme, I will end with a picture of Stella in her pink collar. She is getting bigger and will be starting obedience school on Saturday. She does need it. The house training has gone very well but the rest, not so good. Hopefully, this will be good money spent. Time will tell. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I love them. Have a great week. Until next time....Happy Stitching! Deborah

Monday, January 23, 2012

It Has Been a Good Week!

It has been a good and very busy week here in New England. Got some stitching done and I will start with Elizabeth by LHN.
I started doing the woman and realized the her skin color and the color of her dress are almost the same color. Instead of frogging her face, I just put her away and moved on to Autumn by BBD. This went much better.
I really love this design and will be finishing this section and doing Winter before I go back to Elizabeth. It was an excellent mail week for me. My blogging buddy, Myra sent me this beautiful ort container that she made. The fabric is beautiful. I think that it is Blueberry Crumble by BBD.
The card so cute and I love the leopard bag that it was in. Thanks so much, Myra! I received some gift certificates for Christmas and I used part of one for last years Halloween scissor block and tray by Liberty Hill. I love these items.
I added my spider web scissors. Perfect. Theresa at Shakespeare's peddler had a really good fabric sale recently and I couldn't resist getting some. Aren't they beautiful!
We had our first real snow this week. Finally. I love snow but Stella, not so much.
She was really getting the idea that she needs to do her business in the grass and then the snow came. Couldn't find the grass. We spent alot of time in the snow.
One last picture of Stella in her Patriots jersey. I am not one to dress up dogs but Joanne bought the jersey and it came off right after the picture. We won the game so the jersey will have to be worn one more time for the Super Bowl! I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments. They mean alot. I noticed that i have gotten some new followers. Welcome. I will try not to bore you with Stella pictures every post. It will be hard for me. Until next time......Happy Stitching! Deborah

Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Stitching and a Lot of Puppy Business.

I have managed to get some stitching in while Stella is sleeping or being crated. More on her later, but first up is Summer by BBD.
I really love this design and will be doing Autumn soon. After Summer, I moved on to February Word play by WTN. Love these designs! This is one of my favorite designs so far in this series. This on is done on 36ct LSL in a pale pink color called Chantilly Cream. I so enjoy doing designs on pink fabric.
I started Elizabeth Hancock by LHN. I am using 36 ct. v Examplar linen and over dyed floss. This is a very large design and will take some time to finish it. I usually work on only one design at a time but I will be doing other smaller designs while working on this one. Not a lot to show for many hours of work.
When you have had a dog for 18 years, you tend to forget things. Like how active they are, how house training is a big pain, how sharp puppy teeth are. Then you remember how much fun it is to play with them, how great puppy kisses are, how they love to go for walks, how cute they are when they seem to learn something new and that they do nap frequently! Stella and I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful comments. She is a wonderful addition to our household and she has made me realize I need more sleep! Until next time......Happy Stitching! Hopefully. Deborah

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Please Meet Stella!

The house was way to quiet and it was time to open our hearts to another wonderful dog! So, please meet Stella.
How could anyone not fall in love with this face. She is 3 months old. She is a Chihuahua,Terrier and a long dog mix. I will be busy house training, crate training and playing. So much fun. She went to my stitching group tonight and had a great time meeting all the ladies and getting a great deal of attention. Not much stitching went on.
Hopefully, while she sleeps, I will be able to get some stitching in. Time will tell. I do have some stitching to show but I be back in a day or so. Until the next time.....Happy Stitching! Deborah

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Waiting for Fabric.

I wanted to Start Elizabeth Hancock but I didn't think that the fabric I had was large enough. So tonight I started the Summer LF design by BBD. I will be doing all 3 on 36 ct. lt. exampler linen with the suggested fibers. I did finish the Good Marriage by LK. I really love how it turned out. I have time to get it framed before my friends anniversary.
February by DT is ready to be stretched for my in and out frame. I really love all the pinks in this piece. I used 32 ct Autumn Blush fabric (one of my favs) and the suggested NPIs fibers. This design is full of wonderful specialty stitches. So many beautiful hearts.
You can click on any of the pictures for a larger view. I wanted to show some of my stitchy Christmas gifts. First up is what Cheryl made for me. A project portfolio and a matching needle book. So beautiful.
I also received 3 gift certificates to my favorite OLS and for Hobby Lobby. Sweet! Lastly, I received a new pair of scissors (can't have to many) and a VB tape measure. It was a very good stitchy Christmas.
I have been asked about my stitching goals for 2012. I am not that type of stitcher. After every finish, I go up to my craft room and go though charts until one speaks to me. I took a big leap for me and signed up for both of Vonna's SAL. These things usually make me nuts but I guess that is my goal. To remember stitching is fun and really relaxing for me. Thanks for visiting and for the wonderful comments. I love them all. Until next time....Happy Stitching!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

This was my last finish of 2011! The design is nice but I wish that I had toned down the 2 pink colors. They are very bright. Between the sunshine and the brightness of the colors it was hard to get a decent shot.
Next up is the Elizabeth Hancock Sampler by LHN. I do have to finish A Good Marriage by LK first. Hopefully that will happen today. We spent yesterday doing the normal Saturday errands, then brought Chinese food home and spent a lovely evening waiting for the ball drop. We only go out on New Years Eve if we can walk to the party. I have never liked being on the road on NYE. Today will also be spent quietly stitching and watching TV. Perfect start to the New year. I want to thank everyone for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. I want to thank you for all the inspiration. The stitching that you all do is beautiful and It makes me want to stitch even more. I have made some wonderful friends in blogland and I am grateful for that. I wish you all well in the New Year! Until next time.....Happy Stitching! Deborah