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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another Long One.

I need to thank everyone for all the great comments. It's those comments that keep me blogging. I also want to welcome my new followers. It's been extremely hot and humid in MA this summer. What that means to me is more stitching time in the air conditioning. I was never a summer person. I don't enjoy the beach. I burn very easily. I really don't like the heat and humidity. I can't wait for the fall! So I have been doing fall stitching.
I needed to finish the PS monthly series. I had only August and September to do to complete the series. They both are done on 32 ct lambswool linen using DMC fibers. I have an in and out frame for them all.
I had a hard with September. I don't like guns and really didn't like the hunter holding the rabbit he shot. I tried to change it but nothing else I came up with fit in so I stitched it the way it was charted. It's not my favorite month.
I started the LNH mystery sampler. I am doing it on 36 ct buttercream linen from LSL with the suggested fibers. It worked up very quickly. I hear part 2 is on the way.
I did Betsy by PSS. Another great little design by Paulette. I did it on 36 ct pecan butter by LSL using the suggested overdyes. The frame came from my closet. It is a tight fit but still looks okay.
This little darling is the first installment Seasons of Chessie club. I love this design. It came with everything to finish it. So cute. My friend, Nataly finished it for me. Again, she had never finished a hornbook before and did a perfect job. I can't thank her enough.
I finished my first Halloween design of the season. A wicked Plant by Barbara Ana Designs. I used 36 ct. pecan butter using GA fibers. Hopefully, I can do many more before the holiday.
This is something I do like about summer. For me, this is the perfect meal. A lobster roll and corn on the cob. It doesn't get better. I will end this blog with a picture of Stella. She hasn't made an appearance in quite some time. She is getting so grownup.
Thanks for reading my blog. Until next time .... Happy Stitching! Deborah