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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One Year Ago ...

on January 12th the cutest puppy adopted me. More on that at the end of the post. First up in the stitching part of the blog is J. M. Gardner in all her glory.
I really love how this piece turned out. The frame is the perfect match for the rust colors. I had a standy thing put on the back and it will reside on the table next to the couch. Next up is a Valentine piece by CYC. I had a frame in my stash that will fit really well.The design is called crazy love because she charted the L backwards. For people like me who aren't that crazy, she also charted the L going the right way. I used 32 ct. mystery fabric and the suggested DMC and SNC fibers.
I started Old Nantucket by LNH using 35 ct cocoa linen and the suggested wdw, cc and ga fibers. This is fairly large piece and I have a long way to go. It will work well in my Massachusetts mudroom. I love Nantucket and try to go over at least once a year.
Before I bagged my orts from 2012, I wanted to show all the pretty colors. In the Spring I leave them on the patio and the birds take them for their nests. In the fall you can find the nests with the floss in them. They are really very pretty. This is something I have done for many years. Now on to the reason for this post. One year ago on January 12, 2012, Jo and I took a long ride in terrible weather to meet Stella. She and her 5 siblings are Sato (street) dogs from Puerto Rico. 700 hundred Sato's were adopted last year.
Stella then on the day we brought her home and Stella now.
She is the sweetest dog. Until next time .... Happy Stitching! Deborah

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


January is my first finish of the new year. It is a PS design stitched on 32 ct lambswool jobelan fabric and DMC floss. It turned pretty well. I changed one of the dogs to look more like Stella.
I have started a little Valentine piece but haven't done enough for a picture yet. I wanted to share some stitchy items that I received for Christmas. First up is a flower frog.
It is so much prettier than the picture. I have never seen an oval frog. It's about 7" long and the bottom is a beautiful purple glass. This was a total surprise because Joanne doesn't understand my obsession love for frogs and scissors. Speaking of scissors, I bought 2 wonderful pairs of Dovo's with gift certificates.
Love both pairs but the black ones are the best. My friend, Nataly, had this pair and I knew someday I would own them. They are called Tattoo because of the etching on outside and the inside of the blades. So beautiful!
I will end of with a picture of Stella in her new coat. She is such a girly dog. She actually likes wearing it. Thanks to my new followers! Glad to have you along for the ride. I want to thank everyone for the great comments. They mean so much to me. Until next time ..... Happy Stitching! Deborah