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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finishes, veggies and goodies

Important stuff first. It is my turn to bring snacks for stitching group tonight and I baked at the Plum Street bakery. We each get two and believe me they will all be scarfed down quickly.
My friend, Nataly, is away on a well deserved vacation. She told me that I could could veggie shop in her garden. This is my bounty. I think that I will be making a vegetable quiche his week end.

Sammi went to with to Nataly's with me and walked around looking for her. She did see a bunny eating in the garden. The bunny was dining on either raspberry or blueberry bushes.

Picked up this little jem at the framer yesterday. The frame is black and has a wood feel to it.
Sorry about the lousy pic.

I finished Liberty Belles last night. I'm just waiting for the pillow by Ipie, Hattie and Bea. This was a fun stitch and really quick to do.

Last but not least, Phyllis from my Wednesday stitching group became a grandmother for the first time. Emma Nicole was born last week. Mother, baby and grandma are all doing well.


DonnaTN said...

I have not had supper and I nearly licked the computer screen for a taste of those cupcakes! The zucchini and squash look lovely. Hope the bunny didn't get more than his share! Your stitching is wonderful! And last but not least, congratulations to new Grandma Phyllis!

Phyllis said...

Can't wait until I can teach Emma how to cross-stitch. Gives me a reason to add to my "stash." She'll need things to stitch, right?
Love those cupcakes. Could go for one right about now. Bet the chocolate ones are the best.