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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New York

While we were gone Sammi went to camp ( the kennel ), which she hates. She had a spa treatment ( bath and nail clipping ) another thing she hates. I know that the picture looks like she was happy, but believe me, she is till pouting. She managed to ruin one of her puppy beds while she was there, so yesterday a trip was made to the store for a new one.
We took a water taxi tour on the Hudson. We stopped in Brooklyn, Pier 22 and cruised by the Statue of Liberty. We were going to go to the statue and Ellis Island, but the line had a 3 hour wait. I'll get there on my next visit.

On Saturday night we went to Little Italy for dinner. We ate at great place with wonderful food. Italian food is my favorite so it's rare that I find a place that has bad food. The above picture is Little Italy. They close the streets on the week ends so it's like a street festival. Outside dining, street vendors and music. We had a great time. It you look closely at the above pic, you will see the Empire State Building. On Sunday we went to Brooklyn to get Italian pastries, cookies and bread. So much bread, so little time. Joanne was raised in Brooklyn, so she knew all the good places to go. Then off to Long Island to visit family. We shared our goodies with them. Wasn't that nice of me? LOL

Just a few more shots of the wedding. Outside arrangements, part of the garden and the happy couple. I loved the flowers. They were all gorgeous.

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DonnaTN said...

I love Italian food too. It sounds like you had a great time in New York. Thanks for sharing your photos. Isn't it funny how our dogs pout when they aren't happy with us!

Suzanne said...

I love Italian food as well, but just as well seeing I come from an Italian family. Great photos.