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Sunday, July 11, 2010


I know that the pictures are lousy, but believe me the design is awesome. It is so much fun to do. The fabric is tarnished silver, which is gray with a hint of lavender. GORGEOUS I will iron the fabric before I show Olga again. I love her.

These wonderful things came in the mail Saturday. Olga by Plum Street, 3 small Halloween designs from Lizzie Kate, new scissors and a great needleminder. I did something I never do, I put down the design I was doing and started Olga.

Today was first day in over a week that we could turn off the AC. This how Sammi spent the day. Gazing out the door watching the world go by. Happy happy happy dog!!
Friday night was the night I learned that I turned a corner. Live Rock & Roll is no longer in my radar. This is Mellissa Etheridge, who I have seen many times and I love her music. She had a band that included 2 guitar players, keyboards and a drummer. The band was so load that you couldn't hear Melissa. The venue was the Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis,MA It was like a sauna. Hot and humid. Did I mention the oppressive humidity? Not to mention the Friday night cape traffic. Oh God, don't I sound old! It's CD's for me in the future.


Marie said...

Great new stash, the scissors are wonderful.

I know the summer Cape Cod traffic well...spent my summers in Orleans. My parents always long for the quiet of the fall, winter, and spring on the cape.

Laura said...

I detest going to concerts now too! All that hype and enforced need to adore whomever is on stage. The standing, the traffic, the inability to drink something without going through a huge hassle.....I am old and glad of it!

natalysneedle said...

Deb, Love Olga! I am looking forward to stitching that one! Sorry about the concert, I guess that does mean you are getting old. (LOL)

Pumpkin said...

So awesome! I'm not a cat person but I loved Olga when I saw that pattern come out :o) Super finish and nice stash!

Siobhán said...

Wow! You sure did move quickly with Olga--she is so cute! I love Paulette's type of quirky. ;) Love the new stash, too!

DonnaTN said...

Olga is coming right along & looking great! Sorry your concert experience was less than good. I've had the same thing happen or even worse, the older rockers just don't have the voice/sound that they once had. Your new stash is fabulous.