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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lots Going on.

I just don't know where the time goes. Went to a retreat, did lots of stitching and added to my stash. I went to the Dying to Stitch retreat in Virginia beach earlier this month. I went with mu friends, Nataly and Ellen. I drove, so I thought I would stop at some of my favorite shops on the way. We ran into a lot of traffic so I had to cut one shop out. We did make it In Stitches in Virginia. I just love this store. I only get there once a year or so but they always remember my name.
We were invited to stitch group that night. We were too tired to stitch but had a lovely time talking to the girls. I was so pleased to meet Glenna. Her blog is Eye of the Needle. Please check it out. She also does the store blog, as well. I bought many pieces of fabric, floss and a few charts. If you are in the area (Arlington, VA) you really need to stop by. We then traveled on to the retreat. I had the best time. We took Paulette's class and Jeanette's class. Both were great pieces and both classes were so much fun. If you go to Plum Streets blog and Faye's blog you will see all the pictures. They took much better pic's than I did. The weather was hot and humid. We walked the board walk. Found great places to eat. Hopefully, they will hold another one in 2 years!
The view from our roon. On to the stitching part of the blog. I have been busy. I finished Bittersweet September by BBD. This is a Ladies Prim Club design.
So cute. I finished and had framed Noel by WTN&T.
She is large and beautiful. I love the red house. Here is a close up of the frame.
This is Thankful for thee by PPS. Paulette previewed 4 new designs at the retreat. Of course, I had to get all four. I love anything with turkeys. Here is a closeup of the frame.
I just love this molding.
This is Paper Snowflakes by WTN&T. I love this design. The borders are beautiful and you just have to love a large snow woman who is so well dressed. I will end with some ornaments that I did last year. I sent them off to Vonna for finishing.
I wanted them all finished flat with lots of felt and great bows. Aren't they pretty. Vonna did a great job. Thanks so much! I will be back sooner. Thank you all for visiting and leaving all those wonderful comments. Until next time ...... Happy Stitching! Deborah


Jackie's Stitches said...

Lovely finishes Deborah! You've got quite a few ornaments to add to the tree this year. Faye does gorgeous work, her finishes really complements your beautiful stitching.

Vickie said...

Thankful is fantastic!
Vonna does great work.

Margaret said...

Wow wow wow! Everything is just gorgeous! Vonna did a great job with the finishing too.

Barb said...

So much beautiful stitching!! I love the frames you chose.

Annette-California said...

Wow! Love all your beautiful stitching and finishes. Noel is stunning and looks great int the pretty frame you selected. Thankful is another beauty. Fantastic ornaments you stitched and Vonna's finishing is wonderful. Love all the felts used. I haven;t been to In stitches but have ordered from them on the phone. Great service and very kind ladies there. Glad you had a great time. love Annette

cucki said...

aww so mnay beautiful stitching..i always love your sweet stitches..
beautiful frames..
sending you big hugs x

Marilyn said...

Sounds like a fun retreat.
All great projects!
Love the Noel piece, just beautiful.
P.S. We need a Stella update. :)

Chris said...

Ohh Deborah! I look forward to your updates. It sounds like a wonderful time at the treat and the class pieces are so gorgeous.
I love all your finishes and your frame choices are always perfect.
Have a great week!

Robin said...

Lots of pretty finishes. Beautiful work. Retreats are the best - glad you enjoyed yours.

P.J. said...

Holy needle and thread!!! Gorgeous work lady. I am itching to get some serious needle time in this week. The frames are perfect!

Annie said...

The retreat seem like so much fun. And your needle sure has been busy. Beautiful stitching. You always pick out the best designs.

I'd know Vonna's finishes a mile a way. She does the best work to show off your stitching!

CalamityJr said...

You certainly were busy while you were away from your blog! All your finishes are beautiful, and the frame for Thankful is perfect. Glad you've been having so much fun!

Glenna said...

Thanks for the shout out! I was so glad to meet the three of you at In Stitches. And your stitching, as always, is lovely.
The new designs seem to come out faster and faster--aaak--I can't keep up!

By the way, talking to a couple of agencies in Boston about jobs; I'll let you know if/when I move up there!

Karoline said...

Gorgeous finishes, congratulations

Glad you had a good time at the retreat

Melody said...

What beautiful finishes! I love your choices.

Sounds like you had a great retreat. How much fun to meet a fellow blogger!

Mary said...

You always have beautiful stitching, Deborah.
It seems that the Dyeing to Stitch retreat was wonderful. Lucky you to be able to attend! I'm glad you had fun.
Your ornaments are so pretty. Vonna's finishing is the perfect complement to your stitching.

BrendaS said...

Great post Deborah! Your stitching is always wonderful and so inspiring😊. Love the frames you chose and the ornaments are beautiful!

Friendship Crossing said...

Holy cow! You must stitch in your sleep!! What beautiful finishes!!
Great job!!


Bekca said...

Your ornaments looks wonderful, as do your other projects. Glad to hear you had a lovely time at the retreat.
Best wishes.

Julie said...

What a fun time you've been having,a beautiful sunset picture from your window. Loving the ornaments, all stitched and finished so lovely.

Carol said...

Sounds like such a nice time at the retreat and a wonderful visit to In Stitches. I hope to get to that shop myself some day when I'm down in the DC area visiting my son :)

Lovely stitching and ornaments, Deborah... You and Vonna make a great team!

Unknown said...

Hi I'm new to your blog. I love reading and looking at all your beautiful stitching! Come follow me on my blog too! Thanks, Michelle

Melissa said...

Oh gosh, so many gorgeous, gorgeous things!

marly said...

I love all the designs in this post!

Sharon said...

Your work looks gorgeous and those ornaments are all wonderful!

Shirlee said...

Beautiful work Deborah!

Michelle said...

What a lovely post with lovely photographs x

Giovanna said...

Great show - lovely finishes, congrats!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I can't keep up with your needle Deborah :)
I love every piece you have done! EVERY ONE!

Kathy L. said...

Love all your finishes such a speedy needle!


Angela said...

Great finishes! Love them all :)

Keeper of the Crowes said...

Oh my goodness Deborah, everything you posted is so beautiful!!! Now that I see your Noel, I know that I have to do it as well. The frame is gorgeous!!! Love Vonna's finishing.

Andrea said...

Beautiful! Lovely finishes from Vonna.

Melanie said...

That is one well-dressed snowlady. Just lovely! They all are. Lots of great new ornaments too just in time for the holidays. :)

That retreat really did seem like a super great time. You're not the only person I've seen mention it and it makes me sad I missed out. I'll have to keep an eye out to see if they do another one as it's not that hard to drive to from where I live.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

Deborah, an you tell me what fabric you used for your Noel??

Myra said...

Time does fly by, doesn't it? Your stitching is just gorgeous! The retreat sounds wonderful.

Maggee said...

I really really love the Noel framed piece!! Was that a chart or in a magazine--how could I have missed it?? It is perfect in that frame! All the pieces are in this post! Glad you enjoyed the retreat--wish I had known you were coming to VB, we could have met for lunch or something! Next time! Hugs!

Catherine said...

Fab update with all those beautiful goodies!! So sorry you couldn't make it to the Strawberry Sampler ~ next time you are driving through, we'll have to make it happen!

Louise said...

Hi Deborah!!!
Your blog is just amazing!! Your stitching is beautiful!!
Can I ask...the chart "thankful for thee"
Who is PPS? I really love it and am considering buying this chart...oh and paper snowflakes too, love it!!

You have enabled me!!

Louise in NC

Danielle said...

Everything looks so great! I love In Stitches too. I go a few times a year to their lock ins they have, and they put on a retreat in Laurel, Maryland every November that I am going to next week!

trillium said...

They all look beautiful I am guessing you mostly frame without glass? I see many people do, but I worry about dust. My place gets dusty, and though it's not a lot, it might add up over time to dull the embroidery. What are the pros and cons of frame with mat & glass vs. frame only??? Marie

trilliumcreates AT gmail DOT com

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